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Dear Fellow Shareholders

Thank you for visiting this website, which has been established to facilitate communication and to maximise transparency for all stakeholders in this campaign to save Superdry.

I cannot overstate the importance of Superdry to my co-founder, James Holder, and to me. We are enormously proud of having founded the company and of its successes over the years. It has been a huge part of our lives; we continue to be, and will forever be, associated with the company and the Superdry brand. We also hold almost 29% of the company’s shares. 

However, we find ourselves at a critical juncture for Superdry. Since I left the Board in March 2018, the company and the brand have been devastated through a misguided strategy: the recent Q3 results (issued on 7 February 2019) were very weak, even coming on the back of two profit warnings (issued within 6 weeks of each other); the share price has dropped by over 75% since January 2018; Superdry is the only retailers in its peer group that has reported a decline in online sales in the autumn/winter 2018 season; and its products have been on sale at reduced prices for 48 of the past 52 weeks.


All shareholders are suffering; around £865 million of value has been lost since I left the Board. This cannot continue: the time to act is now. This is why, having exhausted all other options for a constructive and consensual solution with the Board, we have been left with no other option but to requisition a general meeting to put the question of my return to the Board, together with the appointment of Peter Williams, a retail industry expert with outstanding experience, to a shareholder vote.

Here you will find all documents relating to the campaign.

Together we can turn things around and set Superdry back on the path to creative and operational success.

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Thank you for your support.

Julian Dunkerton

Co-founder, Former CEO,
Former director of Brand and Product

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Shareholder call with Julian Dunkerton and Peter Williams

20 March 2019

Julian Dunkerton, Investor Presentation

14 March 2019

Julian Dunkerton, letter to shareholders

14 March 2019

Peter Williams Independence Statement

08 March 2018

General Meeting Requisition Submitted to Superdry Plc by the co-founders

01 March 2019

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